Dare Yourself?

A half full glass.

Is Your Glass Half Fulll or Half Empty? An Idea without realization is just a Hallucination.

To be on the Road to Success, the answer is in your everyday habits. You can ONLY be Successful, if you aim higher. You need to live above anybody’s perception of you in order to make it in Life.
Successful people have rules set and they always try to achieve them all. You can be like them too when You:
* Get rid of Limitations: Stop saying words like ” I can’t do this or that, “I have no Capital to start , “I have no Computer knowledge, etc.  Just quit giving excuses.
* Believe in Yourself:  Nobody was born as a genius, but Everybody was born to be a Genius. If other people are great, you can even be greater.
*Avoid negative company: Sometimes, the kind of people that you hang out with, can influence your life greatly. So, be wise in choosing your friends.
*Take Advantage of Time: Procastination, they say, is the thief of time. Make every second count and productive. Time is money!
*Become Versatile: Always make yourself available at any given time that you may become irreplaceable.

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