10 Tips for Safe Electronic Shopping.

A lady typing on her computer and holding a credit card.
When buyers and sellers do not know each other and cannot even see each other (they may even be in different countries), there is a chance that people who are dishonest will commit fraud and other crimes over the Internet.
Fraud on the Internet have grown as much and even faster than the Internet itself. It is crucial for the buyer to protect himself/herself since buyers do not see the sellers. Sellers, too, may need protection. They must be protected against consumers who refuse to make payments or who pay with bad checks, and even claim that the merchandise did not arrive. Some tips are listed below for your safety while shopping online.
1. Use Trusted Websites: Look for reliable brand names at sites like Wal-Mart Online, Amazon.com, Disney Online. 2. Make Inquiries: Ask friends what they know. Find testimonials and endorsements in community sites and well-known bulletin boards. 3. Be Stingy With Your Personal Information: Do not overshare so much information than you should. 4. Be On The Lookout for Shady Deals: Compare Prices to those in regular stores. Too-low prices are too good to be true. 5. Check for seals of authenticity: Such as Truste. Look out for the vendor with the local Chamber of Commerce or Better Business Bureau (bbbonline.org). 6. Website Security: Investigate how secure the seller’s site is by reading the posted privacy notice and examining the security procedures. 7. Create Strong Passwords: Secure your gadgets with a unique password. A two- factor authentication sign-in will be great for additional security. 8. Check for Terms and Conditions: Examine the money-back guarantees, warranties and service agreements. 9. Mobile Transactions: Always use your phone to make transactions. 10. Notify The Appropriate Authority: If you suspect fraud, consult the National Fraud Information Centre (fraud.org). It helps to be vigilant while shopping on the Internet. When we apply these tips, there will be no need for regrets.

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