5 Ways That Communication Barriers Can Kill Your Business.

Barriers to Communication can be very dangerous for a business owner. If the message is not well delivered, it could be misunderstood and misinterpreted. Here are ways that a business may suffer if there’s a barrier in communication.

  • Inadequate Attention: Due to Inadequate attention paid to the message, the receiver is not really listening. Listening is a process that involves physical emotional, and intellectual input into the quest for meaning and understanding. Understanding is effective only when the receiver understands the sender’s message as intended. Thus, without engaging in active listening, the receiver fails to comprehend.
  • Timing: The Lack of time prevents the sender from carefully thinking through and thoroughly, structuring the message accordingly and limits the receiver’s ability to decipher the message and determine its meaning.
  • Managerial Philosophy: This can promote or inhabit effective communication. Managers who are not interested in promoting Intra- organizational communication upward or disseminating information downward, will establish procedural and organisation blockages by enquiring that all communication follow the chain of command. Managerial Philosophy not only affects communication within the organization, but also impact the organization’ s communication within external stakeholders.
  • Power/Status: It can also affect the transmission of a message and an unharmonious supervisor/subordinate relationship can interfere with the flow and content of information.
  • Use of Difficult Words: The use of specific terminology unfamiliar to the receiver. Or messages that are especially complex. Communication between people who use different terminology can be unproductive simply because people attach different meanings to the same word.

It’s very crucial for organizations to avoid any kind of barriers in effective communication in order to build a strong brand, support and good rapport with others.

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