10 Effective Ways To Overcome Communication Barriers.

Communication is subject to misunderstanding, Business communication is particularly difficult. Sometimes, it is complex and controversial. Moreover, both the sender and receiver may face distractions that divert their attention. The opportunities for feedback are often limited, making it difficult to correct misunderstanding. The following are some of the ways to overcome them.

  1. Avoid overloading of information: Too much information is bad. To overcome information overload, you need to realise that some information are not necessary.
  2. Avoid message competition: Communicators are often faced with messages that compete for attention. To overcome this, avoid making demands on a receiver who doesn’t have the time to pay careful attention to your message. Make written messages virtually appealing and easy to understand, and try to deliver them when your receiver has time to read them.
  3. Avoid Differing status: To overcome status barrier, keep managers and fellow colleagues well informed. Encourage lower level employees to keep you informed by been fair-minded and respectful of their opinions.
  4. Build Trust:. Building trust is a difficult problem. To overcome trust barrier, be visible and accessible. Communicate honestly and include employees in decision making.
  5. Avoid Complex messages: You can overcome complex messages by keeping them clear and easy to understand. Use strong organizations guide readers by telling them what to expect. Use concrete and specific language and stick to it.
  6. Adequate communication structure: Offer opportunities for communicating upward, downward and horizontally (using such techniques as employee survey,open door policies, newsletters, demos and task groups).
  7. Open communication climate:. Communication climate is influenced by management style and a directive, authoritarian style blocks the free and open exchange of information that characterise good communication. Spend more time listening than giving orders.
  8. Ethic communication: To overcome ethic barrier, make sure your message includes all the information that ought to be there. Make sure that the information is adequate and relevant.
  9. Avoid physical distraction: Try to prepare well written documents which are clear, concise and comprehensive.
  10. Right Choice of media: To overcome media barrier, choose the richest media for no routine, complex messages. Use rich media to extend and to humanise your presence throughout the organisation such as statistics, facts, figures, and conclusion through a note on written reports.
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