7 Reasons Why Organizational Planning Fail In Nigeria.

Have you ever heard the adage which says that those who fail to plan, plan to fail? This is applicable to all areas of life even in business.

If you really want to succeed at something, then you need to map out a plan and ways to execute the plan in order to achieve your goal.

Planning involves the conscious determination of courses of action required to achieve predetermined objectives.

Here are 7 problems associated with planning in Nigeria:

  1. Excessive reliance on experience: Although experience is the best teacher but relying on it only could be dangerous because the world is changing. Things are getting more different from what happened years back. And they are becoming more challenging too.
  2. The Fear of Change: Some people hate to plan because they are afraid of change. They want to keep doing things in a stereotype manner.
  3. Nonchalant attitude: Many business organizations especially in developing countries lack commitments to planning activities.
  4. Poor Database Management: This is another challenge to the planning process because planning involves a lot of paperwork about the past, present and future which can only be got from database.
  5. Unqualified personnel: If there is no qualified personnel to do proper planning and implementing plans, then there is a problem.
  6. Unstable Business Environment: The instability of the business environment discourages planning especially strategic planning.
  7. Overdependence on imported goods: Since many organizations sell or distribute products of another Business venture in a foreign country, there is a little or no serious plan to sell.

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