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5 Strategic Styles Of Conflict Resolution In An Organization.

conflict resolution style

Since conflict is unavoidable in any organization, managers must adopt a strategy or conflict- resolution style that will ensure that all parties benefit from the resolution. Workplace conflicts are inevitable, and should be managed effectively by the management.

Conflict resolution strategies are distinguished based on cooperativeness and assertiveness. Cooperativeness is the degree to which people thrive to satisfy other people or focus on resolving the conflict to satisfy people’s concerns/outcomes. Assertiveness is the extent to which people focus on resolving the conflict to satisfy their own concerns/outcomes.

Below are conlict management strategies to help the organization in resolving conflict related issues:

  1. Avoiding: This is a conflict management strategy that ignores the problem by doing nothing. It is believed that the conflict will either disappear or not become too disruptive.
  2. Accomodating: This strategy resolves the dispute by allowing the desires of one party to prevail. It is a cooperative strategy that facilitates issues that are more important to others.
  3. Competing: This strategy leads to one party winning and the other party losing(win-lose situations). It involves people whose interest are strictly in their own wishes or outcomes and are unwilling to recognise other people’s concerns/outcomes.
  4. Compromising: Compromising strategy resolves conflict in a manner that each party or person gives up something in return for reaching an agreement. This is a bargaining strategy that offers both conflicting parties a chance to be in a better position or at least in no worse position after the conflict resolution.
  5. Collaborating: This is a conflict management strategy in which both conflicting parties maximize their satisfaction. The parties involved work together to achieve agreement. It is a win-win approach to managing conflict (that is, it is based on cooperativeness and assertiveness).
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