How To Create A Healthy And Conducive Work Climate

positive work environment

In any business, the management is expected to make conscious efforts in the business enterprise to create a healthy work climate.

There’s no doubt that the manager would be inundated with several problems that could overshadow the need for a healthy and conducive work climate but this would mean restricting the manager to achieved results. In large organizations, different levels of managers are judged based on their performance standard.

In small businesses, the overall result is determined by unit contributions made by individual employees. One tool, every business manager must employ is skill human relations. To develop a healthy and conducive work climate in any business, the following actions are recommended.

  • Setting of the enterprise rule: Top management has the key responsibility to determine the work climate. It is only after this lead is set that the employees will follow suit. Subordinates in small business enterprises usually watch for the kind of examples being set. It is necessary therefore, that all who have responsibility of setting direction or supervising others must observe friendliness, concern towards employees, exhibit professionalism, commitment to the organization etc.
  • Public praise and private reprimand: It is a welcome human relations practice for managers to display deserved praise in public and reprimand in private. A quiet compliment is however recommended particularly when the situation calls for it.
  • Always be a good and attentive listener: Listen to understand the situation fully well. Avoid making judgements easily. Do not ever be too busy thinking of what response to give, else good listening becomes difficult.
  • Always make clear expectations of results: While giving instructions, ensure that others understand what you expect from them. If the instruction is unclear, the response will also be insufficient.
  • Make efforts to preserve the dignity of every employee: Most people who accept jobs do so as a last resort. There are some employees who usually expect to be treated badly. You will have to prove them wrong by treating them kindly and with utmost respect. A person’s good self image is very important. And managers should avoid placing the employee in a position where he or she loses face. In most cases, when this happens, employees react by putting up a defensive, perhaps violent posture that hardly helps the situation.
  • Encourage participative management: Managers must view every employee as important, intelligent, and useful. Some ideas for improvement may come from the employees. Therefore, it’s a good practice to allow them participate in the management of their affairs.
  • Appropriate change behaviour: We all agree that change is constant. Managers must implement change with caution. This is because people resist changes that require them to establish new ways of doing things and this can constitute a great challenge to the management. Therefore, managers must ensure that changes introduced are those likely to bring about minimum disruption of good work habit.

A healthy and conducive work climate is the home for effective results.

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