6 Ways That Written Communication Can Benefit Your Business.

written communication

While there are different kinds of communication available for managers to use in positioning their organization competitively better than others, in today’s business, we are familiar with written communication. It involves the use of letters, memos, notices, bulletin, manuals, books, etc, to transmit information in an organization.

Principles of Good Writing:

It can be very difficult for some people to put their brilliant ideas in writing. To improve their skills, they should apply the following basic principles:

  • Write your ideas or suggestions as simple and clear as possible. Avoid unnecessary and ambiguous words that will make your ideas/suggestions difficult to understand.
  • Audience should be taken in consideration in the terms of contents and the tone of information. Make sure that appropriate contents and tone match the audience used.
  • Proofread the document several times to avoid incorrect grammar and usage. Read over your write- up once or twice for error detection. Use a dictionary to check the spellings of words or use spell-check functions on your computer if you are using one.

Below are the advantages that written communication can bring to your business:

  1. Written communication provides permanent records of information.
  2. It helps to lay down appropriate principles, policies, and rules for the running of a business.
  3. Written communication provides ready reports or records and references.
  4. It helps to transmit information wisely and selectively.
  5. It is more valid,reliable and more unique than speech.
  6. Effective Written communication is a permanent means of communication.

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