5 Sure Fire Ways To Attract Visitors To Your Website.

website traffic

As a business owner or marketer, it is your utmost wish to have more customers coming to your site. And if this happens, you are sure of gaining more traffic to your website. The following are examples of ways to attract visitors to your website.

• Make the top of the list of search engines: A business/ company can get to the top of a search engine’s list simply by adding, removing, or changing a few sentences on its web pages. Blogs/Websites submit their URLs to search engines for indexing all related contents and links to be crawled by the search engine’s intelligent program called a Spider.

Some list generated by search engines include hundreds or thousands of items. Users typically start by clicking on the first 10 or so items, and soon get tired. So, for best exposure, businesses need to make the top of the list.

• Online events, promotions and giveaways: These mechanisms are designed to attract visitors and to keep their attention. People generally like the idea of something funny or free. Contests, quizzes and free samples are an integral part of e-commerce as much as, or even more than, they are in offline commerce.

Coupons online: Shoppers can get discounts via coupons just as in offline advertising.

• Advertising: Internet advertising redefines the process of the direct -response approach, making it media-rich, dynamic, and interactive. Internet ads are very interactive and targeted to specific interest groups and/or to individuals.

• Electronic catalogs: In the early days of online catalogs, most were replications of the text and pictures of printed catalogs. Today, online catalogs are dynamic, customized, and integrated with selling and buying features such as electronic order taking and payment. Printed catalogs have been a medium of advertising for a long time. The business owner’s objective in using online catalogs is to advertise and promote products and services from the customer’s perspective. Online catalogs offer a source of information that can be search quickly with the help of special search engines. Also, comparisons involving catalog products can be made very effectively.

Customized catalogs are specifically assembled for a particular company, usually a regular customer of the catalog owner. It can even be tailored to individual customers, in some cases. One way of doing this is to let the customers identify the parts of the public catalog that interest them, then they do not have to deal with items they consider irrelevant.

• Customer service: In e-commerce, customer service becomes even more critical since customers and merchants do not meet face- to- face. Whether a business is selling to organizations or to individuals, in most cases a competitive edge is gained by providing superb customer service.

How To Run An Effective Management Control System.

Effective management control process

Oftentimes, people plan to identify goals and ways to achieve them, organising groups of people and material resources into various departments.

People are influenced, coordinated and motivated to work effectively and efficiently.But, sometimes there is a possibility that organizational activities may not run smoothly. This possibility gives rise to the need for control.

Controlling assures that things work according to plan and intended goals are achieved. A formal control process is a system designed to monitor work progress to ensure that the actual performance conforms to predetermined standards. A typical control process is explained below in four major steps:

1. Setting Performance Standards: The setting of performance standards based on organizational goals, strategies, policies, tactics, and schedules. Performance standards are outcomes of effective planning. Standards are budgeted performance that serve as benchmark against which actual performance can be evaluated. Standards must be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound (SMART).

2. Performance Measurement: Measurement of actual performance refers to an on-going repetitive process of observing and monitoring activities, and measuring the actual performance. The frequency of measurement depends on the operations and policies of the organization. Performance data are usually obtained via three major sources: oral reports, written or statistical reports and personal observation.

3. Comparing of Actual Performance with the Performance Standard: This Step is taken to determine whether actual performance meets the standard. The manager evaluates the actual performance against the budgeted performance to know the level of deviation. A slight deviation is sometimes acceptable because standards are often stated in plus and minus range. To do a proper comparison, managers should adopt the principle of exception which states that control is enhanced by concentrating on the exceptions or significant deviations from the expected result or standard.

4. Taking Corrective Actions: This step deals with the taking of necessary actions to correct significant deviation. It is an urgent step that must be taken when necessary to adjust operation in order to attain predetermined results. The corrective action could involve the adjustment of one or more activities in a specific department. A corrective action could lead to a change in performance standard if the standard is wrongly set or the ever- changing business environment may dictate an upgrade to standard.

Check Your National Identification Number From Your Mobile Phone Now

nigerian communications commission

According to reports from the National Identification Management Commission (NIMC), Nigerians have been told to retrieve their national identification number (NIN) from their mobile phones by using the dialing code *346#.

The Nigerian Communications Commission ( NCC) has given a two week deadline for subscribers to provide a valid NIN to update their SIM registration records.

Nigerian SIM card users who fail to update their NIN registration after the deadline, will have their SIM blocked from their network provider(s).

All subscribers who have not done their NIN registration should visit: https://penrol.nimc.gov.ng/login form.tpl.html.php to fill the NIMC Pre-Enrolment online form. All mandatory fields must be filled with the correct information provided. After filling the form, download and print your Pre-Enrolment Slip.

Walk into the nearest NIMC registration centre with any valid and original documents of identification (Birth certificate, driver’s license, etc.) These documents will be used for verification of all details pertaining to your application and the capture of your biometrics.