5 Sure Fire Ways To Attract Visitors To Your Website.

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As a business owner or marketer, it is your utmost wish to have more customers coming to your site. And if this happens, you are sure of gaining more traffic to your website. The following are examples of ways to attract visitors to your website.

• Make the top of the list of search engines: A business/ company can get to the top of a search engine’s list simply by adding, removing, or changing a few sentences on its web pages. Blogs/Websites submit their URLs to search engines for indexing all related contents and links to be crawled by the search engine’s intelligent program called a Spider.

Some list generated by search engines include hundreds or thousands of items. Users typically start by clicking on the first 10 or so items, and soon get tired. So, for best exposure, businesses need to make the top of the list.

• Online events, promotions and giveaways: These mechanisms are designed to attract visitors and to keep their attention. People generally like the idea of something funny or free. Contests, quizzes and free samples are an integral part of e-commerce as much as, or even more than, they are in offline commerce.

Coupons online: Shoppers can get discounts via coupons just as in offline advertising.

• Advertising: Internet advertising redefines the process of the direct -response approach, making it media-rich, dynamic, and interactive. Internet ads are very interactive and targeted to specific interest groups and/or to individuals.

• Electronic catalogs: In the early days of online catalogs, most were replications of the text and pictures of printed catalogs. Today, online catalogs are dynamic, customized, and integrated with selling and buying features such as electronic order taking and payment. Printed catalogs have been a medium of advertising for a long time. The business owner’s objective in using online catalogs is to advertise and promote products and services from the customer’s perspective. Online catalogs offer a source of information that can be search quickly with the help of special search engines. Also, comparisons involving catalog products can be made very effectively.

Customized catalogs are specifically assembled for a particular company, usually a regular customer of the catalog owner. It can even be tailored to individual customers, in some cases. One way of doing this is to let the customers identify the parts of the public catalog that interest them, then they do not have to deal with items they consider irrelevant.

• Customer service: In e-commerce, customer service becomes even more critical since customers and merchants do not meet face- to- face. Whether a business is selling to organizations or to individuals, in most cases a competitive edge is gained by providing superb customer service.

6 Tips On How To Develop Your Interpersonal Skills.

A man speaking in a group of people.

Interpersonal skills are those skills that help you to develop rapport with others. They enable you to communicate with others in an effective way.

     Some people develop interpersonal skills very early in life; they simply seem to know how to communicate and interact with others. While other people are less “lucky” and need to work a bit hard to improve on their skills.
    Interpersonal skills, like most skills can be learned. Here are some tips:
#1.  Don’t worry, be happy  – Happy people radiate confidence and project their feelings on others.
#2.  Speak Clearly – When you speak be succinct. The goal in life is to learn, not to impress. The more you speak, the less time you give to others.
#3.  Pay attention – Try to listen attentively to what the other person is saying.
#4.   Be Honest – Answer all questions truthfully, and if you don’t have an idea of something or don’t know the answer, say so.
#5.  Watch body language of yours and others – The way a person sits or stands  conveys much information.  A person who leans away from you or with an arm over the back of a chair is disinterested. Crossed arms means uncertainty, while sitting with hands raised in front of the body with fingertips touching shows a feeling of superiority.
#6.  Summarize key points – At the end of each idea that someone explains, you should repeat the key points back to the speaker. This shows that you are not only paying attention but also consider the information important.

20 Inspirational Quotes for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs.

A banner of motivational quotes for startups and entrepreneurs.
1. “Vision is not enough, it must be combined with venture. Never  forget your prayers, because GOD oversees everything.”  – Oba Otudeko
2. “To succeed in business, you must build a brand and never destroy it.” – Aliko Dangote
3. “When you see businesses fail, learn. Do not make mockery of the founders.” -Florence Chikezie
4. “Everyone can copy your strategy, your website, but they can not copy your customer service. It’s very important.” -Ayodeji Agboola
5. “A good product will naturally sell itself. When the product is good, it will sell anywhere in the world.” -Innocent Chukwuma
6. “People only care about what you care about when you care about them.” -Tara Durotoye
7. “The best strategy is one that achieves the intended outcome.” -Fola Adeola
8. “To build a successful business, you must start small and dream big.” -Aliko Dangote
9. “Entrepreneurs need a good dose of patience, patience to realize that sometimes growth takes time.” -Florence Chikezie
10. “Always make sure to hire those who are smarter than you are.” – Aliko Dangote
11. “There’s no laziness in any business that wants to succeed.” -Bolanle Austen
12. “Entrepreneurship without skills limits your growth potential.” -Strive Masiyiwa
13. ” When you structure your business, it helps you scale up without losing consistency.” – Tara Durotoye
14. “A satisfied customer is one of the most effective marketing and advertising tool, a business can have.” -Florence Chikezie
15.”Always remember this: You can not have a business if you don’t have products or Customers.” -Odion Ejere
16. “If you by any chance believe that I have done well, you have the capacity to do better.” -Paschal Dozie
17. “If you do not drive your business, you will be driven out of business.” -Tunde Folawiyo
18. “Until you understand that time is something that you can not cheat, you will not go far in business.” -Bolanle Austen
19. “I wake up, I make up my mind to solve as many problems before retiring home.” -Aliko Dangote
20. “Do not kill the competition. Competition is healthy for any business. It keeps you on your toes.” -Aliko Dangote