10 Ways That E-commerce Can Impact Our World.

E-commerce applications have begun a long time ago with innovations as electronic transfer of funds. However, the applications were limited to large corporations and a few daring small businesses. Since the commercialisation of the Internet and the introduction of the Web in the early 1990s, E-commerce applications have rapidly grown.

In order to have excess to these applications, First of all, you need a Website. The implementation of various E-commerce applications depends on four major support categories: a) people b) public policy c) marketing/advertising d)supply chain logistics. The benefits of Online Trading have just started to materialize, but they will increase significantly as E-commerce expands. The major benefits are listed below. 1. Helps small businesses compete against large companies. 2. It reduces the cost of production, distribution, storage, and retrieval of information by digitising the process. 3. It expands an organisation’ marketplace to national and international markets. 4.  It enables very specialised niche markets. 5. Online Business helps to deliver relevant and detailed information in a second. 6. It makes electronic auctions possible. 7. It creates room for Work and study at home opportunities. 8. It enables consumers to shop or make other transactions 24/7 from almost any location in the world. 9. Consumers can make choices than they could easily locate otherwise. 10. People in developing countries and rural areas can now enjoy products and services that are otherwise not available.

3 Successful Marketing Campaign Ideas.

When creating an online marketing campaign, Three important points should be taken note of.

1. Direct Campaign.
2. Problem Solving(Solution).
3. Attractive Headlines.

In order to achieve success, the advertiser needs to do some tasks that are very essential and necessary. Let me explain the three points that I have listed above.

1. Direct Campaign: The marketer should advertise to the people using the product, the people who are in need of it and to people who are likely to purchase it. That is, the campaign should be directed towards these groups of people.

2. Problem Solving: The advertising campaigns should sell the solution and not the product. People are only interested in a product if it can help them solve their problems.

3. Attractive Headlines: The marketer should choose headlines that are appealing and captivating in order to attract customers and spur them on to take action.

Sometimes, a wrong step can hinder even the greatest efforts, and turn everything into a nightmare. But when you know what your customers need and deliver accordingly, you will see more profits coming your way.

6 Types of Identity Theft Explained.

Every second, somebody in the world becomes a victim of identity theft without realising it. The society that we live in today is filled with unscrupulous people who want to cause harm to others. So, It is very important for you to be more cautious. Learn more about the various types of identity theft and how to spot the signs when you notice any fraudulent activities in order not to fall prey.

There are six types of Identity Theft:
1. New Account Fraud
2. Account Takeover Fraud
3. Criminal Identity Theft
4. Medical Identity Theft
5. Identity Cloning
6. Commercial Identity Theft

• New Account Fraud : It is a fraud that occurs within the first 90 days of opening an account. The creation of the new account is just for fraudulent activities.

• Account Takeover Fraud : This type of fraud occurs when a criminal gains unauthorized access to your online account, personal information and uses it without your approval for multiple fraudulent transactions.

• Criminal Identity Theft : This happens when another person uses your personal identification number, name or credit card without your permission.

• Medical Identity Theft : This type of theft occurs when a person steals your personal information or lay his/her hands on your medical care card to get medical treatment, drugs and services.

• Identity Cloning : A criminal gets hold of your personal information without your knowledge and becomes you. This can be very damaging to your person and identity.

• Commercial Identity Theft : It is also known as Business Identity Theft. And it occurs when a thief uses an existing business name to carry out transactions. The financial consequences can be very destructive especially for small business enterprises.

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