10 Ways That Effective Leadership Is Important.

effective leadership

Effective leadership is important for the growth and success of an organization because a true leader’ function is to provide direction, energize employers/followers and obtain their voluntary and sincere commitment in order to achieve departmental tasks and goals.

Leadership is a process by which both the leader and follower work together to get their needs satisfied. Here are 10 important roles that effective leadership play in an organization:

  1. Leaders create vision and set a direction for the organization.
  2. Leaders provide effective performance appraisal and good compensation for employees.
  3. They establish and define goals clearly for subordinates/followers.
  4. Leaders foster innovation and the attainment of long-term organizational goals.
  5. They acquire and manage human resources.
  6. They help in settling disputes among employees.
  7. Leaders influence and motivate employees to put in their best and move them toward the ideal future.
  8. Effective leaders maintain sound corrective measures in a workplace.
  9. Leaders create cohesive groups and teams that are required to meet the stated goals.
  10. Effective leaders improve the communication skills of his followers for a better interpersonal relationship.

Effective leadership in an organization creates a vision of the future that considers the legitimate long-term interests of the parties involved, develops a strategy for moving toward that vision.

15 Rare Qualities of Successful Business Owners.

Pictures of Successful Entrepreneurs.

Some many people in our world today claim to be entrepreneurs but yet do not possess the qualities befitting to that title. It’s not enough to own a business, or to establish one without looking inward to see if you are really cut out for the business that are running or about to venture into. It takes a lot to manage and maintain a business of any kind. You need to be ready to go the extra mile to ensure that the business doesn’t collapse when you least expect it. Here are some rare qualities that real entrepreneurs have that keep them going.

1. Risk taking: True Entrepreneurs are never afraid of taking actions that are not palatable and uncertain.

2. Passion: They possess a strong drive to do what they love to do.

3. Knowledge: They have the technical know-how to get things done.

4. Openness to continuous learning: They are always ready to learn new things in order to advance.

5. Not afraid to make mistakes: Real business owners believe that in making mistakes, they learn more and try to improve on themselves.

6. Planning: They plan ahead of time.

7. Decision making: They make a choice after carefully analyzing a particular situation.

8. Resilience: They have the ability to recover from any misfortune in order to keep going.

9. Love for the work: Great Entrepreneurs are very enthusiastic about what they do.

10. Hardworking: They are very diligent in their business.

11. Professionalism: They approach their business as professionals in a very competent way.

12. Leadership traits: They have characteristics of a great leader.

13. Self- motivation:. They continually convince themselves that they can make it.

14. Optimism:. True business owners are always positive that the outcome of their endeavours would be favourable.

15. Time Management:. Successful entrepreneurs understand that time is money and should be utilized in the most effective way.

While it’s good to build a business, it is more important to do the needful to keep your business afloat. It may not seem easy in the beginning, but as you move forward, you will definitely find your way to success in the long run.